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Travel Health Policy Sample

Here is a sample travel health policy that could be used as a starting point to develop your organisations specific one.  We strongly recommend ONE staff member in the organisation be charged with organising this policy. The steps may be:

  • Speak to a travel health provider about your particular travel circumstance.
  • Assign management responsibilities
  • Develop policies and procedures
  • Communicate plan to employees ( your chosen travel doctor can help with this too)
  • Audit the programs success



Medical history and examination form for travellers being deployed overseas for extended periods ( over 6 months ) : to demonstrate the sort of information that needs to be collected to find problems and decrease the likelihood of workers having problems while away.

Note that the company HR department does not receive ALL this information. Medical confidentiality is a paramount consideration for all staff.  The HR department needs to know if there is a problem, plus if and when it may be sorted, but not necessarily what the problem may be.



Travel Health Visa – sample. This document says a staff member is “good to go”. This form is completed by the travel medicine doctor and sent to the HR department,  to document compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety recommendations for overseas deployment.



Medical confidentiality is a paramount concern for all Travel Health Policies
Medical confidentiality is a paramount concern for all Travel Health Policies